Stacey meeting Vaughn (first impressions!)

I met Vaughn through swing dancing, a shared hobby of ours.  I'm not sure exactly when I met Vaughn, because in swing dancing, you meet lots of people very casually.  But I remember that when I started doing Balboa, a kind of swing dancing, the class he was taking was after my beginner class.  He was always smiley and polite and nice, tipping his hat and saying hello.  I got to know him through Balboa events; I liked his DJ-ing, liked chatting and dancing with him, and noticed he was one of the few dancers who made a point of talking (not just dancing).  

In the fall of 2004, I bumped into Vaughn at a swing dance called The Doghouse in San Francisco, and we ended up having a long conversation about some shared experiences.  After that, we started carpooling to some dances together and generally progressing from friendly acquaintances to friends.  I can't put my finger on when my feelings changed from those of friendship to romance, but by spring of 2005, I knew I "like-liked" him!  He offered to throw me a birthday party in April, which gave me a clue he might like me back as more than a regular friend.  It seemed to confirm it when, after
Vaughn meeting Stacey (check out that hip chick!)

I met Stacey swing dancing, when I was an awkward beginner. I would go to the Doghouse and nervously sit out most of the dances, but watch the experts and wonder if I would ever be that good. Stacey was one of the few really good followers who would ask beginning leaders to dance, and occasionally she would ask me. She doesn't remember me from then, I didn't ask her out until 2 years later, but I remember her for being warm, friendly and patient when I could only repay her with bruised toes.
the party, he walked me to my car and said good-bye by putting his hands on my upper arms and giving a double squeeze with a big smile on his face.  I was so excited!