Our wedding will be relatively informal.  The bride will be wearing a wedding dress, but no train or veil.  The groom will be wearing a black suit and a tie.  Wedding party members will be wearing suits and dresses, not formal tuxes and gowns.  Please wear whatever will make you happy, but please don't out dress us!
What, if anything, should I wear?
Will it be earthquake weather?
Most of our wedding celebration will take place indoors, though a portion (e.g. beverage and hors d'oeuvres hour) may take place outside on the deck.  Average high for this time of year is 72, average low 56, Fahrenheit.  The weather fluctuates here quite a bit.  Please be sure to check a weather forecast in advance.  Also note that a hot day can easily turn cold once the sun sets, so please be prepared!
Do I have to bring my own apples?
One of the things we both love are apples!  So we will have a mild apple theme to our wedding.  You will recognize members of the wedding party from their apple colored attire!  (apple reds and apple greens)
Have you chosen an officiant?
We are so lucky that we can have a close friend be our officiant instead of paying a stranger!  Where we live, any individual can get authorized to perform a wedding ceremony for 24 hours.  In conjunction with Dave Wuertele, our officiant, we will be designing our own ceremony and writing our own vows.  Our ceremony will be quite unique!
Are children allowed?
Only if they like wedding cake. You are welcome to bring your children to share in our event. Please be sure to let us know if you are bringing your children, as we need to provide our caterer with final adult and child head counts.  If you have small children, there is a play area adjacent to the Sequoia Lodge where you can entertain them if they become fussy or bored, and feel free to dress them in play clothes.
Will there be dancing?
Bring your dance shoes!  As swing dancers, we will certainly have a fair bit of swing music, as well as a variety of other tunes.  We expect an inclusive and participatory party, with dancing being one of the ways our guests can mingle, get to know each other, and join in the festivities.